Innovation Platform

Create Innovation Originated by Technological Evolution and Solve Social Issues through our businesses.

OMRON's research and development starts with designing the near future based on innovative technology. It then clearly draws and implements the necessary strategies to realize that near future. By doing so, we work on creating new social needs.

“Near-future design” is the starting point for the process of creating innovation, and draws a super-specific image of the future that no one has ever conceptualized, which is developed by quickly capturing signs of change in the world through a backcasting approach from the perspective of social issues, technological innovation, and developments in science. We then build the business architecture that we need to realize the image and clearly map out: a technology strategy, an intellectual property strategy, and a business model, to determine which applications, products, and technologies we should develop now.

Approach to Creating New Value First as being a pioneer
Approach to Creating New Value First as being a pioneer

The Innovation Exploring Initiative HQ (IXI) is a company-wide innovation platform, which is responsible for making the process of creating innovation driven by social needs for our organizational knowledge and strengthening the capacity to create new value. IXI has all the functions it needs to backcast innovation, that is, "near- future design," "strategy formulation," and "business verification," and implements the entire process seamlessly.

Innovation Platform for Seamlessly Executing the Process from Near-Future Design to Strategy Formulation and Business Verification
Innovation Platform for Seamlessly Executing the Process from Near-Future Design to Strategy Formulation and Business Verification

All sorts of issues are sent into this innovation platform from both within and outside of the company. Together with people who bring the issues in, we create innovation driven by social needs through trial and error. IXI has the following specialist organizations under its umbrella to ensure that the platform functions effectively.

OMRON SINIC X Corporation (OSX) is engaged in near-future design research by identifying innovative technology in the context of scientific developments. By aggressively recruiting top talents from cutting-edge technological fields, such as AI, IoT, and robotics, and fully leveraging its connections to actively promote open innovation within the company and with outside research institutions, OSX draws near-future design without being bound by existing businesses.

Meanwhile, Human Renaissance Institute Co.,Ltd. ensures the OMRON Group's engagement with society. Established in 1990 as the Group's humanities think tank, they envision society beyond industrial society based on the SINIC Theory (future predictive model) and, from the global perspectives of humanities and social sciences, explore a future of society and technology with the aim of creating innovation driven by social needs.

Technology & Intellectual Property HQ, OMRON Group's corporate R&D division, is responsible for developing the technology strategy and intellectual property strategy in our pursuit of a "near-future design". By applying innovative technologies to solve social issues based on OMRON's core technology “Sensing & Control + Think”, we aim to create a future where human play an active role by expanding each potential.

As we go through the process from "near-future design" to "business verification," we tap into the knowledge of OMRON VENTURES CO., LTD. (OVC), researching startups around the world and makes decisions for the investment. To solve ever-diversifying social issues, OVC accelerates innovation and explores the feasibility of various businesses that go beyond existing frameworks by deepening collaboration with global entrepreneurs that have unique technologies and ideas.