Sensing & Control + Think

“Sensing & Control + Think” is OMRON’s core technology that underlies all of its businesses.
Over the years, OMRON has continuously developed our unique core technologies to create value in each era as a pioneer.
“Sensing” collects the necessary data of humans or things based on thorough observation of Gemba, such as the production floor and daily occurrences.
“Control” provides appropriate solutions to the production floor based on the information obtained through “Sensing”.
In 2011, OMRON added a new category, “ + Think”: human intelligence in “Sensing & Control”, and as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and other technical innovations are evolving, human intelligence is essential for converting information into value more intelligently.

These technologies for retrieving necessary information from end users (Sensing), adding human intelligence to machines to analyze accumulated data (Think), and offering solutions (Control) are instrumental to each business.
OMRON will continue to strengthen and evolve our core technologies to maximize the value of our contributions to society.

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