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Value 3/7 — 6/23/2022
Engineering Values Handbook – Strong Ideas, Loosely Held
Digging deep into how we share and debate ideas. [...]
Value 2/7 — 6/16/2022
Engineering Values Handbook – Player Experience First
Everything is ultimately for the players. [...]
Evolving our culture towards what we want to live in — 6/2/2022
Living Bungie's Values as Engineers
Company values are a funny thing—they can so easily feel like insincere marketing, or wishful thinking of company leadership, or simply a list of generic positive attributes that any company might endorse—a thesaurus-check away from the Scout Law. [...]
Value 1/7 — 6/2/2022
Engineering Values Handbook – Teams are Stronger than Heroes
Let’s look at the key ways we try to cultivate high-functioning teams. [...]
An internship at Bungie — 11/9/2021
Human After All
In this post, I want to briefly discuss my own personal journey of building my confidence as an engineer and as an undergrad student who had the privilege to intern at Bungie this past summer. [...]
Totally not about tabs vs. spaces — 8/31/2021
Bungie C++ Guidelines & Razors
Coding guidelines are commonly used to mandate a particular format style, to ensure proper usage of a system, and to prevent common issues from occurring. But how do you know if a new guideline is worth it or not? [...]
Two thousand files and two million lines of code — 7/21/2021
What's a tools engineer?
What it’s like to work on tools for video games, and why it just might be the right job for you. [...]
Crashes when you want them — 6/10/2021
Crash Propagator
Some networking bugs are very difficult to figure out because you’ll get a symptom on a client that actually starts elsewhere in the Destiny ecosystem. One of my first big Bungie tasks was to try to tackle this problem. [...]
An exploration into one of the most subtle yet notorious bugs in Destiny 2 — 3/2/2021
The Case of the Missing Rewards
Bounties are a major source of rewards in Destiny 2, so it's important that they work reliably. Back in December 2019, players reported that the game occasionally failed to credit their kills when trying to complete certain bounties. [...]
Bungie Tech Blog — 3/2/2021
Introducing the Bungie Tech Blog
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" -- Arthur C. Clarke [...]
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