• Applying the optimization methods to design for products as optimization problems is increasingly spreading. Since these methods can make design processes more efficient, we should also use them when designing power electronic converters. Design processes for power electronics converters are roughly classified into electrical circuit parameters, geometric properties of parts, and alignment ...
    SATO Kazuki / OTA Hiroaki / UEMATSU Takeshi
    • Power Electronics
    • Optimization method
    • Design Process
    • Machine Learning
    • CAE
  • Renewable energy is an important low-carbon energy source that can contribute to energy security. A surplus electricity purchase system was started in 2009 to promote the spread of renewable energy. Since then, the purchase price has fallen, while the electricity price has risen. Therefore, the power storage system is attracting attention from the viewpoint of self-consumption in which photovoltaic power generation electricity ...
    YAMADA Junichiro / OUCHI Yusuke / ETO Gun
    • Power storage system
    • Smaller size and lighter weight
    • High efficiency
    • SiC-MOSFET
    • Inverter switching method
  • Research and development on cooperative vehicle infrastructure systems are being promoted for realizing a safe and smooth transportation society. Information from sensors installed in the road infrastructure is used for this system. Millimeter-wave radar is attracting much attention as a next-generation infrastructure sensor that is less affected by the weather, such as...
    OHASHI Suguru / TANIMOTO Yudai / SAITO Keisuke
    • Millimeter-wave Radar
    • 3D Imaging
    • Infrastructure Sensor
    • Driving Safety Support Systems
    • Doppler Radar
  • Recently, high-speed switching circuits using GaN GIT have attracted attention for higher power density. In particular, GaN GIT devices have an ultrafast speed capability but tend to cause false turn-ons due to a lower threshold voltage. A simple RC-type gate drive method is usually used to prevent the false turn-on phenomenon....
    NOSAKA Noriyuki / OKADA Wataru / UEMATSU Takeshi
    • Power Electronics
    • Wide Gap Semiconductor
    • Gate Drive Circuit
    • Spike gate voltage
    • High Frequency
  • Recently, because of the growing need for automation of monitoring, machine learning has become widely used in the social systems domain. However, the issue of machine learning is that the pre-trainedmodel provides poor performance when the environment changes. Especially in the social systems domain, there are various....
    Yamamoto Yoshiki / Hirai Sawa / Hamabashiri Hideto / Okamoto Yamato
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Image Recognition
    • Transfer Learning
    • Optimization
  • We propose a novel method for on-site software customization to improve performance of facial image sensing. In cases that a user has the following facial characteristics, it is difficult to perform facial image sensing with high accuracy....
    Aizawa Tomoyoshi / Hoshino Koichi / Sakakibara Kei
    • Facial Image Sensing
    • On-site Customization
    • Machine Learning Algorithm
    • Data Collection System
    • Driver Monitoring
  • Driving safety support and automated driving technology have attracted much attention for realization of a safe transportation society. Infrastructure coordinate system is expected to play an....
    Tanimoto Yudai / Ueno Dai / Saito Keisuke
    • Millimeter-wave Radar
    • Automated Drive
    • Driving Safety Support Systems
    • Antenna Control
    • Direction of Arrival Estimation
  • Photovoltaics is attracting attention because it reduces the global environmental load and improves the energy self-sufficiency rate. However, the power generation cost of photovoltaics in Japan is about 1.6 times higher than that of the....
    Kobayashi Kenji / Nomura Kosuke / Tauchi Hironori
    • Solar inverter
    • Downsizing and weight reduction
    • High efficiency
    • Two phase interleaved boost chopper
  • Application of monitoring technology for social infrastructure (2)

    Proposal of evaluation method of deterioration/damage and result of field experiment under SIP project
    Infrastructure built in the period of high economic growth in Japan is becoming deteriorated. However, there are some social issues to maintain and manage. In addition to an increase in the number of structures that need...
    Nishida Hideshi / Takase Kazuo / Hatayama Goro / Sasaki Eiichi
    • infrastructure
    • bridge
    • maintenance
    • monitoring
    • structural analysis
  • Application of monitoring technology for social infrastructure (1)

    For validation and achievement of monitoring system with high site applicability
    In 2022, over 40% of bridges with a bridge length of 2 m or more have reached an aging era exceeding 50 years after completion of bridges in Japan. In addition, engineers of the baby-boomer generation retire and the technical shortage to maintain...
    Kuroda Takuya / Nishida Hideshi / Ozaki Tomohiro / Hinoue Tomohiko / Akai Ryota
    • monitoring
    • Power-saving, low power
    • wireless
    • acceleration
    • strain
  • Driver Status Monitoring System in Autonomous Driving Era

    Driver Status Estimation with Time-series Deep Learning
    We propose a novel driver’s status estimation system based on driver’s behavior in autonomous driving scene. In future years, drivers are expected to be responsible for driving and monitoring the surrounding environment...
    Hyuga Tadashi / Kinoshita Koichi / Nishiyuki Kenta / Hasegawa Yuki
    • Autonomous driving
    • Driver status monitoring system
    • Time series deep learning
    • Technology for sensing driver’s concentration level
    • Near infrared camera
  • Development of the in-vehicle pulse sensor

    About the pulse rate estimate technique from a microwave sensor
    In late years accidents due to the health condition of the driver are increasing. The precaution is required all the more.Therefore we developed the in-vehicle pulse sensor using the microwave sensor. We installed...
    Mitani Shigetomo
    • In-vehicle pulse sensor
    • Pulse rate estimate algorithm
    • Pulsation period signal detection
    • Microwave doppler sensor
    • Synchronous detection
  • Parking Sensor based on geomagnetic variations of vehicle

    Algorithm based on unique geomagnetic variations
    In this paper, we discuss about vehicle detection technique for the Parking Sensor. Previous technique like electromagnetic induction loop coil, Ultrasonic sensor and Image processing has a problem such as restriction on installation...
    Yoshino Kotaro / Watanabe Makoto / Kanda Shohei
    • Wireless geomagnetic vehicle sensor
    • Parked vehicle detection algorithm
    • Autonomous driving
    • Geomagnetism detection element
    • Engine section detection algorithm
  • In order to reduce the volume and cost of the PCS (Power Conditioning System), miniaturization of AC reactors (ACL) of inverters has been studied. If the ACL impedance value becomes smaller than the Grid-impedance...
    Kamatani Yuhki / Nishikawa Takeo / Zaitsu Toshiyuki / Uematsu Takeshi
    • Power conditioning system
    • Miniaturization of AC reactor
    • Grid impedance estimation method
    • Impedance suppression compensator