• In recent years, high efficiency and maintenance-free systems have been promoted in renewable energies, such as photovoltaic power generation, which are increasingly used as countermeasures against environmental problems. The increase in voltage of the system is accelerating to improve efficiency, and in order to suppress various problems in heat generation when energized with a large current, the relay used for the grid linkage ...
    TAKAHASHI Kei / TAJIRI Sayaka / NODA Masayuki
    • Low contact resistance
    • High capacity switching
    • Concentrated resistance
    • Switching mechanism
    • Impact force
  • In the casino industry, which is a tourism industry that provides entertainment and leisure time creation and amusement for people, the direction for attracting players to casino machines has been evolving rapidly in recent years, and the visual area has been expanding year by year. However, the SPIN button, which is an important button for starting a game,...
    KUDO Takuya / SUMI Masaaki / AGATA Takehiro / ONITSUKA Hiroyuki
    • Mechanical components development
    • Thin structure
    • Transparent structure
    • High durability
    • Impact resistance
  • In recent years, 3D TOF sensors that can acquire three-dimensional information with a wide viewing angle have attracted attention for the various service robots, such as autonomous driving robots used in factories and nursing care robots. Since 3D TOF sensors can acquire spatial information, they are expected...
    TANAKA Hiroyuki / ISHII Akihiro
    • Distance sensor
    • TOF (Time of Flight)
    • 3 dimensions
    • High accuracy
    • Distance image
  • We are developing a ping-pong robot called FORPHEUS that can keep a table tennis rally going and interact with people to generate an appeal for harmonization, which is the future relationship between humans and machines. Although the performance of the table tennis robot has been improving year by year,...
    NAKAYAMA Masamune / KURISU Takanori / MIZUNO Yuta / MIYAKE Youichiro / YASE Satoshi
    • Ping Pong Robot
    • Motion Analysis
    • Vital Sensing
    • Emotion Estimation
    • Meta AI
  • In recent years, “IoT (Internet of Things)”, in which all “things” are connected by a network, has attracted attention. In IoT, advanced sensing devices that can process and transmit sensing data are being expected in order to create new services...
    Motoki Yuhei / Ueda Naotsugu / Mitoma Kayo
    • IoT
    • Environmental sensor
    • Visual Inspection
    • Wireless
    • Algorithm
  • The Ping Pong Robot to Return a Ball Precisely

    ~ Trajectory Prediction and Racket Control for Spinning Balls ~
    We are developing a ping-pong robot “FORPHEUS” that can play table tennis with humans representing the harmony between humans and machines. In order to accurately return the ping-pong ball, the robot must perform the following tasks: predicting the trajectory...
    Asai Kyohei / Nakayama Masamune / Yase Satoshi
    • Robotics
    • AI
    • Optimization
    • Kinetic analysis
  • Development of air quality sensor for air purifier

    Accuracy enhancement by optical system and dust collection structure
    Air pollution by fine particulate matter PM 2.5 is becoming a big topic and increasing people’s interest. PM2.5 sensors are installed in air purifiers in our immediate surroundings vicinity and are also pervasive...
    Kawai Hajime / Miyamoto Hiroyuki / Hirose Yuji / Yamamura Satoshi
    • Air purifier
    • Microparticle detection sensor
    • High-sensitive photo IC
    • Dust collection structure
    • High frequency wave filtering
  • Study and development of low-noise MEMS acoustic sensors

    Important considerations for air damping and process stability
    Acoustic sensing technology like speech recognition or noise cancellation has attracted a lot of attention recently. These new applications stimulate the demand for smaller and lower noise MEMS (micro electro-mechanical system)...
    Inoue Tadashi / Uchida Yuki / Ishimoto Koichi / Horimoto Yasuhiro
    • MEMS acoustic sensor
    • Slit diaphragm structure
    • Reduction of self-noise
    • Layout of narrow-pitch openings
    • Etching process stabilization technology