In May 1961, OMRON began publishing a journal of technical papers entitled “OMRON TECHNICS.” The purpose was to contribute to the development of society by providing the public with open access to the outcomes of OMRON’s R&D activities.

By 2008, a total of 160 volumes had been published, including some 1,700 papers. After this volume, publication was suspended. In recent years, however, technological innovation has accelerated while social issues have become increasingly pressing. To respond, various attempts are being made to solve social issues through technology. In view of this, we decided to resume release of our technical papers by living up to the founding intent of the publication. By so doing, we expect to help create innovations that can solve social issues. In resuming the release, the initial title of the publication, “OMRON TECHNICS” will be maintained and the volume number will restart from Vol. 161.

From now on, technical papers will regularly be released on the OMRON website, and a journal featuring a collection of the released papers will be published once a year or so. It is our hope that readers will continue to find “OMRON TECHNICS,” on the web and in the printed version, to be a useful reference in their efforts to create innovations.